Legal Ease Launches New Website Our much awaited new website was launched today, including updated service information and online order component.
Legal Ease Goes Digital Digital caputre now allows Legal Ease to provide a better product more quickly, improving customer support.
Legal Ease Updates Software Our new "Legal Edge" discovery service vertical software product allows Legal Ease to track orders better, provide more up-to-date information, and improve customer service.
Delivering World-Class Service and Support

Today, more than ever, business is looking to partner with others to exploit strengths and offset weaknesses. The Legal and Insurance communities are no different. Document Procurement Services arose out of the need to get vital information quickly, accurately and legibly.

But it seems that finding a service that can speak to these needs and deliver a quality product consistently, without creating additional toil or trouble in the process, is rare indeed.

We pride ourselves on providing the absolute maximum in Quality and Service with the minimum effort on the part of our clients. How? By focusing on what we see are the three keys to success in the discovery services industry.

Product Quality, Customer Service, and Technology

Quality - Quality that comes from attention to every detail of the discovery experience service - from the clarity of the documents to the thoroughness of our research.

Service - Service that comes from delivering unparalleled attention to every aspect of our clients needs - and even from for seeing those needs.

Technology - And all of it tied together by technology that is based on state of the art software & equipment and developed by IT experts with one purpose in mind - to deliver nothing less that Client Delight

Document Procurement and Reproduction
On-site Document Reproduction, Digital and "Film" Media Supported, Custodian Liaison Services, Proprietary Custodian Search Database, Hand Delivery, "Rush" Orders.
Subpoena Preparation and Service

Digital Subpoena Preparation, Subpoena Service, Notice to Consumer & all other ancillary documents, Opposing Counsel Notification, Trial, Workers Compensation, and most other subpoena types are supported.

Also, we provide Document Librarian Services for previously requested records, Substantial discounts on additional copies. We do X-Ray Collection and Duplication.